gigaMAX: WiMAX Backhaul

GigaMAX is a cost effective backhaul solution intended for connectivity to the WiMAX base station. It employs a 3 in 3 out MIMO implementation of WiMAX PHY layer with Polarized antennas providing higher MIMO performance. By using Polarized antennas, the antenna spacing is reduced and hence a hence a higher order MIMO implementation is made possible.

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polMAX: WiMAX Polarized Antennas

Interference in WiMAX is a big issue. Using conventional antenna systems a cell is divided into sectors in order to reduce the interference. Change in polarization of the antennas has also been suggested which also reduces interference. But conventional antennas require careful manual orientation at the customer side in order to get the maximum amount of signal from base station. Using POLMAX antennas we can generate many polarizations and without any need for manual antenna orientation at the customer premises thus giving us the more weapon to defeat the threat of interference.

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