Advanced ECCM Technology (ANTI JAMMING)

A novel narrowband modulation offering low probability of exploitation ( LPE, a measure of information security ) and anti jamming for high data rate transmissions. Unlike the conventional LPE and AJ modulation such as direct sequence spread spectrum or frequency hopping which occupy a very wide spectrum, PPH does the hopping in polarization domain, thus occupying a very narrow spectrum. This feature makes PPH the only choice for high data transmissions with LPE and AJ security feature over bandwidth constrained channels.

  • First narrowband modulation with AJ capability
  • High bandwidth efficiency
  • Invulnerable to jamming and eves-dropping

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Tripple play Anti Jamming Broadband Wireless

TRIATA provides a “triple play” communications system where video, voice and data can be transmitted over the same wireless link connection. The wireless link connection is deployed by using a novel technique called Pseudo-random Polarization Hopping (PPH) to provide an extremely secure anti jamming broadband wireless to overcome the threats of eavesdropping and jamming.

   • Anti jamming using polarization nulling
   • Anti eavesdropping using polarization hopping
   • Extreme security
   • Video, voice and data wireless link
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Article Appearing in Wireless World magazine in June 2007

TRIATA Oil & Gas Microwave Link
Jam Proof Microwave Link
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Tactical ECM products



RFmax08 is an intelligent system which provides four different outputs to cover the entire HF, VHF, UHF and Microwave frequency regions. It provides a variable amplification for all these bands with a user selected power spectral density to achieve a high power efficiency. Additionally, the jamming systems provide a friend or foe discrimination option to avoid/minimize the risk of self jamming.


JAMPRO is a programmable jamming system which provides a user friendly interface in selecting the frequency bands and the jamming power. JAMPRO employs Software Radio technology to enable the generation of efficient jamming waveforms which enhances the power efficiency of the jammer. Additionally, it offers a discrete control of the output power by using innovative discrete power control module. The combination of digital signal generation and the discrete power control enables a versatile jamming with flexibility in both jamming signal and jamming power control.

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Within the modern context of electronic warfare (EW), POLARIZONE has developed four type of jammer kits. IFF Jammer is a tactical ECM system with friend and foe discrimination capability. While Follower Jammer is the most advanced ECM system developed to defeat frequency hopping. Both jammers are capable for disorganizing and neutralizing the transmissions of the adversary on a battlefield. POLARIZONE has also developed Jammer Kits for research and education purposes. Jammer Kits are meant to understand the concepts of variety of jammers such as Single Tone / Spot jammer, Multitone jammer, Barrage jammer and Follower jammer. POLARIZONE Jammer Kits are state of the art, enabling the development of effective futuristic Electronic Countermeasure (ECM) systems.

   • Intelligent Friend & Foe (IFF) Discrimination Jammer Kit
   • Follower (Frequency Hopping) Jammer Kit
   • Responsive Spot Jammer Kit
   • Multitone Jammer Kit
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