SDR Design Bench

SDR design bench (SDB05) is a flexible and reconfigurable platform for teaching and research in modern wireless communications systems. The design bench can be used as versatile demonstration system for teaching wireless communication. Additionally, the design bench offers a cost effective platform for research in modern wireless systems such as Software Defined Radio, WiFi, WiMAX, CDMA and other emerging techniques.

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Digital Communications & Microwave Antennas Trainer Kit

Digital Communications & Microwave Antennas Trainer Kit is a two in one trainer kit for both digital communications and microwave antenna studies. The kit can be used to generate and demonstrate various digital modulation signals. This kit comes with various types of ISM band antennas which can be used for microwave antenna study and demonstration.

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MIMO Design Bench

Digital communication using multiple-input-muliple-output (MIMO) wireless link has recently emerged as one of the most significant technical breackthroughs in modern communications. The technology features prominently on the list of recent technical advances with a chance of resolving the bottleneck of traffic capacity in future Internet intensive wireless networks. This technology is presently adopted in the standards driven commercial wireless products and networks such as broadband wireless access system, and wireless local area network. MIMO design bench is an end to end MIMO system comprising of transmitter and receiver on

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WiMAX Design Bench

WiMAX Design bench consists of a micro-base station and 4 CPEs with all the accessories such as the antennas and network management software, simulating a real WiMAX roll out within a laboratory or a campus. This reconfigurable platform allows an in depth study of the various layers of a WiMAX system and facilitates the development of applications on a WiMAX data link. 

RF101: RF up/down Converter

The RF101 is a one stop cost effective solution for basic digital signal processing and RF up/down conversion. It can up/down convert both digital and analog signals and can generate signals with various modulation schemes for spectral and logic analysis. Additionally, the digital upconversion feature provides a programmable IF.

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